The Programme comprises of Compulsory and Optional courses.
In the first semester (Semester A), students have to attend and complete successfully three (3) compulsory courses and one (1) optional course from the spring term.
In the second semester (Semester B) students have to attend and complete successfully two (2) compulsory courses and two (2) optional courses from the winter term.
In the third semester (Semester C) students have to prepare the Master Thesis.

Master Thesis
Students who have successfully completed their obligations for the first two semesters (as defined by the Interdepartmental Committee and described in the Academic Regulation of the Programme) can proceed with the preparation of their Master Thesis. The Master Thesis is prepared during the third semester (Semester C). Every Master Thesis is supervised by one tutor-member of the academic staff of the programme. For the examination of every Master Thesis a three-member committee is assigned, which is comprised of the supervisor and two other members (academic staff, scientific staff or researchers with grade A, B or C, possessing a PhD, according to the Law N.3685).  The area of expertise of each member should be relevant with the topic of the Master Thesis.

The course credits, according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) system, which are required for the award of the MSc title, are the following:

  • Semester A: 3 Compulsory Courses x 7,5 ECTS + 1 Optional Course x 7,5 ECTS = 30 ECTS credits
  • Semester B: 2 Compulsory Courses x 7,5 ECTS + 2 Optional Courses x 7,5 ECTS = 30 ECTS credits
  • Semester C:  Master Thesis = 30 ECTS credits.


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