Ph.D. in Information Systems is awarded for an original contribution to one of the following research fields: Information and Communication Systems, E-Services (E-commerce, E-Learning, E-Government etc.) and to their application to Economy, Society, Education, Business Administration, Finance and Accounting.

The Ph.D. Programme in Information Systems aims at the:

  • Development and promotion of original academic research
  • Preparation of future academic staff and researchers for public and private organizations
  • Advancement of the Programme’s research activity.

Ph.D. candidates should hold a Master’s Degree (in areas related to Information Systems, Informatics, Computer Science) from a Greek University or from a recognized (by the National Academic Recognition Information Center) foreign institution of equivalent status or from a Technological Education Institute, and demonstrate good knowledge of English language.

The minimum period for obtaining the Ph.D. Degree is set to three (3) years, commencing from the registration to the programme.

Ph.D. thesis can be written either in Greek or in English.

Applications for the Ph.D. programme are submitted twice per year (December and June). The exact dates are announced in the Programme’s web site (, in the web site of University of Macedonia ( and in local press.

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