The Ph.D. Programme in Information Systems aims at the:

  • Development and promotion of original academic research
  • Preparation of future academic staff and researchers for public and private organizations
  • Advancement of the Programme’s research activity.

The main characteristics of the structure of the Ph.D. Programme are:

  • Preparation and submission of the Research Proposal
  • Approval from one supervisor-member of the academic staff of the Programme
  • Assignment of a three-member consulting committee
  • Assignment of a seven-member examining committee
  • Preparation of the Thesis
  • Ph.D. Thesis defence.

Supervisors and all members of the relevant committees (consulting committee and examining committee) should meet the formal and substantive qualifications required by the applicable law. Every member of the academic staff can supervise up to 5 (five) Ph.D. candidates.

The main element of the Ph.D. structure is the preparation of the Ph.D. Thesis, which should contain original doctoral research. The structure of the Programme can be supplemented by  presentations of intermediate results-progress of the doctoral research.

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