Aggelou Georgios

[expand title=" Karamanou Areti"] Karamanou Areti has graduated from the Computer Science Departments of the University of Crete, Greece (2005) and also holds a master degree on Information Systems from the University of Macedonia, Greece (2009). She is currently a PhD candidate at the area of Open and Linked Data. Karamanou Areti works as a Laboratory Assistant at the Department of Informatics and Computer Technology, University of Western Macedonia, Greece and has also worked as an assistant at the Interdepartmental Programme of Postgraduate Studies in Information Systems, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece. Karamanou Areti is participating as a researcher associate at European research programmes relative mainly to Open and Linked data. She has also published relative papers in journals, conferences and workshops.
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Karapistoli Eirini

Kolovos Philippos

[expand title="Mikropoulou Christina"] Christina Mikropoulou holds a BA in Economics (2008) and a MBA in Financial Management (2011) from the University of Macedonia. Currently, she is PhD Candidate in the Department of Economics, at University of Macedonia, in the fields of MacroFinance and Quantitative methods, while serves as a researcher in European programs. Additionally, she has teaching experience in undergraduate and graduate programs in Money and Capital markets and Applied Econometrics. Her research interests include: Financial Markets, Nonlinear Time Series Analysis, Computational Economics, Financial Instability, Behavioral Economics and Finance, Business Cycles, Economic Policy Issues, Complexity Science, Complex Networks. She has presented research papers at several International Conferences and she acts as reviewer in peer-review journals. Gained basic accounting and finance experience working for two major companies (Euromedica S.A. and Phosphoric Fertilizers Industry S.A.) and one of the biggest banking institutions in Greece (Piraeus Bank). She is an active member of the Complex Systems Society (CSS) and the Society for Economic Measurement (SEM).
E-mail: cmikro (at)
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[expand title="Mouratidis Εfstratios"] Efstratios Mouratidis is a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) and a graduate of the Law School of Democritus University of Thrace. He holds a Master᾽s degree in Information Systems (MIS) from the University of Macedonia and he is a doctor of philosophy of the same university in the area of Information Systems. He served for several years as a network engineer in the field of data networks design and construction supervision and participated in the design and implementation of specialized information systems. He has also supervised maintenance of publicly funded constructions. His current occupation includes designing public technical works. His teaching experience involves post-graduate lectures at the University of Macedonia concerning technical and legal aspects of information systems (electronic signatures and certificates, electronic documents, domain names, e-commerce and e-banking). Some indicative courses were: Informatics and Telecommunications’ law (2004-2012), banking and tax legislation (2007), Accounting Information Systems (2008-2009). His research interests include electronic/IT and corporate law issues. He is also interested in publicly funded construction legislation and judicial dispute resolution. He is a member of Technical Chamber of Greece and EMDYDAS (Federation of Engineers employed in the Greek public and has published articles in scientific journals on electronic/informatics law issues.
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[expand title="Nitsos Ilias"]  Ilias Nitsos is a university graduate (2000) and holds a doctoral degree (2005) from the Department of Applied Informatics of the University  of  Macedonia (thesis title: “Free text information retrieval systems: indexes and compression codes”). He has worked for more than 10 years as software engineer designing and developing information systems for organizations in both the private and the public sector. Dr. Nitsos has also been employed as an adjunct lecturer at the Technology Management Department of the University of Macedonia and several Departments of the TEI of Thessaloniki. He has published articles in scientific journals and conferences in “Information Retrieval” and “Information Literacy”.
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[expand title="Panopoulou Eleni"] Eleni Panopoulou holds a diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the PolytechnicSchool of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2002) and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom (2006). Currently, she is employed as a research associate at the Information Systems Laboratory of the Business Administration School of the University of Macedonia occupied in European research projects in the fields of e-Government, e-Participation, e-Learning and e-Health. Her past experience includes working for Siemens in Munich and for Spirit in Athens with duties mainly relevant to Information Systems, Project Management and Business Process Management and Reengineering, where she also has lecturing experience. Eleni Panopoulou is a TEE member since 2002, and over the last years she has published more than 15 articles in scientific journals and conferences in the fields of e-Government, e-Participation, e-Learning and e-Health.
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[expand title=" Pavlidis Konstantinos"] Pavlidis Konstantinos has graduated from the Department of Business Administration of University of Macedonia (2000), with a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Information Systems – University of Macedonia (2009). He is a PhD student in Information Systems (MIS) in game theory and the area of his research is to implement a platform for solving games with a particular emphasis on dominant strategies. He has gained experience teaching at the University of Macedonia in Information Systems, Department of Accounting and Finance in EKDDA and TEI Central Macedonia in the Department of Systems Supply (Logistics).

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[expand title=" Terzis Vassileios"] Terzis Vassileios received the BSc degree in Economics from the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece. He also received from University of Macedonia the MSc and the PhD degrees in Information Systems in 2007 and 2012 respectively. He is the author of 11 journal publications and 9 papers in international conferences and book chapters. His research interests include affective computing, e-commerce, neuromarketing, neuroIS, Human-Computer Interaction and Technology acceptance. He is a lecturer in electronic commerce and in techno-economics at the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece. He has also the honor to cooperate as Market Research Analyst at NetValue-Neuromarketing company.

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[expand title=" Tsoumakas Grigorios"] Grigorios Tsoumakas is a graduate of the Department of Informatics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) (1999) and holds an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh (2000). He is a doctor of philosophy of AUTh in the research area “Machine Learning”. Grigorios Tsoumakas works as Assistant Professor in the Department of Informatics of AUTh and participated in research projects related to multi-label learning, food sales prediction and semantic indexing of biomedical literature. Grigorios Tsoumakas is a member of IEEE CS, ACM and the Hellenic Artificial Intelligence Society. He has published papers/articles in conferences/journals etc related to Machine Learning, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.
Email: greg (at)
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[expand title="Tzafilkou Aikaterini"] Tzafilkou Aikaterini holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Department of International and European Studies of University of Macedonia (2008) and a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Information Systems – University of Macedonia (2011). She is a PhD student in University of Macedonia and the area of her research is End User Development & Cloud Computing.
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[expand title="Vitsas Vasileios"] Vasileios Vitsas received his B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Thessaloniki, Greece in 1983, his M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from University of California, Santa Barbara, USA in 1986 and his Ph.D. degree in wireless communications from Bournemouth University, U.K. in 2002. His Ph.D. research was in the area of Mathematical Modeling and Optimizing the performance of Wireless Local Area Networks. In 1988 he joined Hellenic Telecommunications Organization where he worked in the field of X.25 packet switching networks. In 1994 he joined the Information Technology Department of the Technological Educational Institution of Thessaloniki (TEI-Th), Greece as a lecturer in Computer Networks. In 2003 , 2005 and 2009 he became an Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor (respectively) at the same department. In 2009, Prof. Vitsas became director of Computer Systems, Security and Networks Lab of the Information Technology Dept. of TEI-Th. Prof. Vitsas has served as Head of Department and Head of Division at the Information Technology Department at TEI-Th. His current research interests lie in wireless and multimedia communications. Prof. Vitsas has published more than 50 papers in well known journals and conferences; these publications have more than 400 citations. Prof. Vitsas has served as project leader, work package leader and member in several EU funded projects at TEI-Th. He was project leader of the research project ARCHIMEDES dealing with optimizing the medium access control method of IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs. Prof Vitsas served as supervisor of post-doctoral research funded by the Greek National Scholarships Foundation and is participating in several PhD supervisory committees in University of Macedonia and University of Peloponnese. He has served as Chair, Technical Program Committee member and Referee for several international IEEE journals, conferences and workshops. Prof. Vitsas is a member of IEEE, Greek Computer Society and Technical Chamber of Greece.
Email: vitsas (at)
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[expand title=" Zotou Maria"] Maria Zotou has graduated from the Department of Applied Informatics, University of Macedonia (2007). She has also completed her postgraduate studies at the Department of Computer Science, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specializing in “Information and Communication Technologies in Education” (2011). She is a PhD student at the University of Macedonia with research focus on electronic learning. Maria Zotou is working as a researcher at the Information Systems Laboratory. She has participated in research projects regarding electronic participation, electronic learning, Information and Communication Technologies etc., at a cross-border, regional and European level. Moreover, she has teaching experience in thematic areas such as project management and information systems. Maria Zotou is a member of the Professional Chamber of Thessaloniki. She has published articles in scientific journals on electronic learning, electronic participation and domain (e.g. enterprise architecture) mapping.
Email: mzotou (at)  [/expand]

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