Master Thesis is prepared during Semester C. In order to proceed to the preparation and submission of the Master Thesis, students have to complete successfully the first two semesters of the Programme.

Every student should choose a supervisor for his/her thesis and prepare a proposal, which should be initially approved by the supervisor. In the proposal, students have to describe the topic that will be examined, the company/organization (in case of an empirical study), the methodology that will be followed and the literature that will be reviewed.

The final approval of the proposal is granted by the Programme’s Board, examining the relevance of the thesis to the Programme, the expected contribution and the existence of originality in the approach.

For the examination of every Master Thesis a three-member committee is assigned, which is comprised of the supervisor and two other members (academic staff, scientific staff or researchers with grade A, B or C, possessing a PhD, according to the Law N.3685).  The area of expertise of each member should be relevant with the topic of the Master Thesis.

Theses can be written either in Greek or in English and are presented in public, with the presence of examiners, other postgraduate students etc. All Master Theses are submitted in digital-electronic format in Psepheda, the Digital Library & Institutional Repository of University of Macedonia.

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